Enhancing Visibility for Abode Estate Agents with Bespoke Illuminated Signage


Client Overview: Abode Estate Agents, a leading real estate firm in Liverpool, recently relocated to a new property in Crosby. Recognising the importance of a distinctive main sign to mark their new location, Abode collaborated with Kirk Signs to create a bespoke solution that not only reflected their brand identity but also ensured maximum visibility in their new surroundings while maintaining consistency with their other locations.

Challenge: Having moved to a new property, Abode faced the challenge of establishing a prominent presence at their new Crosby location while ensuring visual consistency with their other branches.

Solution: Kirk Signs, with its extensive expertise in signage design and manufacturing, proposed a comprehensive solution that involved the creation of a new main office sign tailored to the aesthetics of Abode’s new property. The chosen material for the sign was a powder coated solid aluminium for the panel, providing a perfect blend of durability and visual appeal. The built-up acrylic logo added a three-dimensional aspect, creating a visually appealing focal point.

To enhance visibility, illuminated opal acrylic returns were incorporated into the design. The use of opal acrylic not only diffused the light effectively but also added a touch of sophistication to the signage. Solid aluminium faces, powder-coated for durability, contributed to a polished and professional finish.

Implementation: The design was meticulously crafted by Kirk Signs to align with Abode Estate Agents’ branding guidelines, ensuring that the main sign seamlessly integrated with their multiple locations. The manufacturing process involved precision techniques to bring the design to life, with attention to detail at every stage.

Upon completion, Kirk Signs’ installation team ensured that the main sign was strategically placed for maximum impact, taking into consideration the traffic patterns and sightlines of the new location.

Results: The new main sign by Kirk Signs has successfully elevated Abode Estate Agents’ visibility at their new Crosby location. The distinctive design, coupled with the use of high-quality materials, has turned the new office into a landmark at the main junction. The illuminated elements ensure that Abode remains noticed even during low-light conditions, enhancing the overall accessibility of their services.

Conclusion: Through collaboration with Kirk Signs, Abode Estate Agents successfully addressed the challenge of visibility and branding at their new location. The bespoke main sign not only serves as a beacon for the real estate firm but also reflects their commitment to professionalism and attention to detail while maintaining a consistent visual identity across their various branches.

Kirk Signs takes pride in contributing to the success of Abode Estate Agents by providing a customised main signage solution that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. If you’re looking to enhance your brand visibility through creative and impactful signage, contact Kirk Signs today for a personalised consultation.